Infared Sauna Sweat Wrap

A workout without the workout.


Relax the mind
Improves Sleep 
Enhance Immune System 
Clears and Improves Skin 
Ease pain 
Burn up to 400 calories
Detox the body

$25 per session

Sweating may sound like a one-stop shop for healthier skin, sleep, stress management, weight loss, and daily functioning. That is true, after all. It's a 45-minute mental and physical reset that promotes and aids in establishing lifelong healthy habits.

Infared Sauna Benefits

Infared Sauna Packages

Buy 3 Sauna sessions and get the 4th session free. $75

Infared Sauna Memberships

  • Relieve - 4 sessions $69 per month 
  • Restore - 8 sessions $119 per month
  • Rejuvenate - unlimited sessions $159 per month 

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